Tropical Storm – Car Care- Dr Car Wash

Tropical Storm – Car Care- Dr Car Wash

In Houston, ‘tis the season for tropical storm. As local weather forecasts predict more rain during this summer, Dr Car Wash takes this opportunity to provide tips on how to prepare your vehicle for wet weather driving :

Take an account of the condition and quality of your tires. 

Your vehicle’s tires displace water on wet roads maintaining traction and much needed grip. For maximum traction and control, it is important to preserve tire tread with regular checks of tire pressure,these are recommended once a month or when temperatures change 10 degrees or more as well as regular tire rotation services. At Dr Car Wash locations we do check your tire pressure at each visit* .

Inspect your brakes.

Halting when you need to in rainy conditions is crucial. It generally takes longer than in dry weather. With wet weather upon us, it’s important to keep brakes in pristine condition. To stay safe, have your brake components checked and brake services done according to vehicle manufacturer specifications. We take pride in our repair services and offer a variety of services including brake repair. If you notice any squealing sound when you brake, your brake pads may need to be replaced. Be aware that any grinding noises while braking warrant an immediate inspection and correction.

Check your windshield wipers. 

Visibility in these conditions help us in taking a call within instants when it matters.Being able to see in rainy weather and at the right time is vital to your own safety as well as that of passengers and any other drivers on the road. Imagine being caught in a heavy downpour with poorly working wiper blades and partly visible windshield.  Check and ensure the condition of your windshield wipers for signs of brittleness and if you notice any streaking, it may be time for new wipers.

Head into headlights. 

In inclement weather conditions, efficiently working headlights also increase visibility, allowing you to see the path and other vehicles to see you. During tropical storm, rain or fog, the beam of your vehicle’s headlights may be yourlifesaver and a means for other drivers know your vehicle is on the road.  Remember, the law requires drivers to turn on headlights when using their windshield wipers.

Time is money and swinging by any of our Dr Car Wash Locations free air pressure maintenance at least once every three months will be worth the investment.

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