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TIPS ON TIRE CARE – Tire care is one of the most important aspects of car care as it can reduce your cost per mile. Air pressure maintenance not only improves the miles but also saves the money you spend on tires and fuel. To have a firsthand experience of this, try pedaling a bicycle around the block with the bicycle tires at 30 PSI, then try the same exercise by deflating the tires 10 pounds and try again. Just like the muscles in your legs, your truck’s engine must be rebuilt in a shop.
Some car care enthusiasts have suggested that at least walking all the way around the truck and looking at each tire from an erect posture can be a good practice as much as checking the truck’s oil. Tires that have been run underinflated may look different in the way the tread wears. In extreme cases, there will be a ring of darkened rubber high on the sidewall.
Tire care can also depend on how you drive. Speeding and driving on hard cornering creates friction which causes heat, and can cook tread away, it is very similar to the heat created from running an underinflated tire. Overinflated tires can be more likely to be destroyed on impact with curbs or potholes too.
You can reduce the money you spend on tires by selecting the correct “tool” for the job. At Dr. Car Wash Plus we have tire experts working with you on advising about Tire care. Certain elite brands target user needs with laser focus with remarkable results. Some products that are designed to carry coast to coast will not outlast others that are designed to perform well doing two dozen stops in a day, and vice versa. One of our tire experts observed a fleet getting three times as many miles before wearing out simply by changing the make and series of tires in their delivery fleet.
The majority of people don’t drive or own a truck for a hobby, but instead, it’s their living, a way for them to pay the bills. At the top of that list are the vehicle payment, the fuel cost, and then the tires. Maintaining the air pressure in your truck’s tires can reduce the load on engine rebuild interval by years, as well as the fuel consumed by gallons/day, and of course, the number of tires purchased.
Tires are our vehicle’s first point of contact with the various terrains we experience on a daily basis. Just as we search for the greatest treatment for our soles, why not get your vehicle the best shoes as well? Tires affect more than just ride quality. Tires can be a big factor in your vehicle’s gas mileage. If you have a poor quality, damaged, or improperly inflated tire, it is a good possibility that your vehicle is not at its optimal fuel efficiency. Not to mention emergency situations. Being your first point of contact, your tires are what can make or break not only your stopping distance in an emergency but also possibly saving someone’s life. We offer countless top-rated brands to satisfy the needs of any vehicle that we have the privilege of servicing. Brands like Goodyear, Dunlop, Kelly, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Cooper, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Toyo, Falken, and many more. Stop on by or call us today to experience quality service and unique auto care!
Time is money and swinging by any of our Dr. Car Wash Locations free air pressure maintenance at least once every three months will be worth the investment.

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