POLISHING AND BUFFING AT DR CAR WASH- At Dr Car Wash we wax and wash cars on a regular basis in order to keep and shield a car’s beauty and elegance. A premium protectant is required for you to be able to enhance the look of the car. With this regard, the protectant used is considered the final step to give the car a good gleam. Every car is bombarded with contaminants each day. To keep a car in tip top shape, we polish it using a buffer.

There are a couple of things that can be performed, Buffing or polishing a vehicle correctly allows us to take away or remove a number of defectsincluding as small scratches, etching and oxidation. This boosts a car’s shine and prepares it for protection. When buffing a vehicle, there are different kinds of pads that are to be utilized. Additional knowledge of the whole procedure will aid in keeping vehicles in a superb state.

Quality polishes AT DR CAR WASH

High-quality car buffers are made to eliminate minor flaws in the paint’s exterior. This is at a microscopic level. It will not ruin the paint’s quality. The cutting-edgecapability of Dr Car Wash in polishing and buffing enhances the quantity of paint that is finished and removed.

Premium polishingproduces a wet-looking, deep shine car surface. Low-quality polishes cloud the paint’s top surface. Every buffing polish is precisely intended for a certain purpose and given application. While selecting a polish and a buffer, you must consider the type of finish and shine that you would desire as the outcome. You should also consider the paint hardness, condition and thickness. In addition, you should read the labels and information on the products that you will be using, being mindful also of the processes and tools that are to be used. Check your workspace, the time to be spent in working and the weather conditions wherein temperature is another factor as well.

It is critical to utilize the least abrasive polish to be able to achieve an excellent finish to a ride. There are some certain pointers that you are required to know about processes on how an automobile is to be buffed.


Noticing moderate to severe damages on the vehicle’s paint, substantial swirls, scratches or other serious issues, we use a high-quality foam pad with a swirl remover. The speed of the swirlis also importantthat would assist you in buffing the car to its optimum level and in the best possible method. To remove light and moderate oxidation, water etching and regular swirls, you may need to utilize a finishing glaze and a foam pad. This will result in an admirable finish to a vehicle.


For optimal results to be achieved, we work the polishing product. It is imperative that the polish dry correctly. In line with this, it is advised to keep working or moving slowly. A lot of amateurs move the polisher very quickly over the surface of the paint but that is not the case at Dr Car Wash. We make sure that our employees are doing the job right, as this process takes time. If the motion is too quick, the results will not be good as desired.


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