Dr Car Wash Spring Car Care Tips

Dr Car Wash Spring Car Care Tips – Across the state of Texas, winter is winding down. With more exposure to sun and rising mercury comes an entirely different plan for car care. Fortunately, all our locations at Dr Car Wash are here to help. We can advise six simple tips to help you care for your beloved vehicle as winter makes way for spring.

Wash and Wax at Dr Car Wash

A detailed and thorough wash and wax is the most important thing to do with your car once the extremities of winter is over. With the winter storm that the city of Houston experienced, surely the cars received a huge amount of road grime, debris and — worst of all — salt to build up on your car. You would want to make sure those items are long gone before spring starts. Letting debris and grime to sit on your car can worsen its paint and finish, while allowing salt to build up can lead to rust and other serious problems.

Pay attention to the Detail too

Literally no one wants to spend time cleaning out their car during winter days. For thisreasonspring is the right time to clean your car’s interior and upholstery, so spend a day at Dr Car Wash doing some spring cleaning. Cleanse and throw away all the interior waste, trash and other items that have accumulated over the winter. Not only will you have a clean car, but your spring cleaning can be done when it’s more temperate and comfortable outside — especially important if you have to vacuum your carpets and seats.

If you feel you need to disinfect the car’s interior, we suggest using an antibacterial cleaner or wipes instead of bleach-based cleaners. The bleach-based cleaners can fade or crack some soft-touch or painted surfaces over time. Remember to use that antibacterial cleaner on the most frequently-touched spots in the car like the steering wheel, door handles, seatbelt, gear-selector, garage opener, radio controls, etc.

Recheck your Tire Pressures!

Tire pressure is as important in the spring as any of the car care advise. Tire pressures decrease throughout winter, which probably caused you to fill up your tires during the winter months. But as air gets warmer again in the spring, tire pressures could increase. Make sure that the pressure increases past your manufacturer specification (because you added air during the winter), it can seriously affect your car’s drivability and fuel economy. This is an important part of car care, so if you don’t feel comfortable checking your car’s tire pressures by yourself, bring it to a Dr Car Wash Repair. We carry all big tire brands  — such as Big O Tires, Sears Auto Center or Firestone — which will usually perform the check for a low price or maybe even for free.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

As spring starts and temperatures rise, check your wiper for any signs of cracking or wear n tear. The wiper itself could wear dramatically over the winter due to ice buildup or other issues on your windshield. In most parts of the country, you will need those wipers for spring rains, so be sure they are in good working condition after winter comes and goes.

Check Under the Hood

Do a thorough checkup of what is going on under your hood to make sure your car’s engine made it through the winter without problems. Specifically, check belts and hoses to ensure the cold temperatures have not rendered them brittle or heavily worn. Check your coolant to make sure it is not too old — an important factor for avoiding overheating as temperatures gradually rise. If you are not comfortable performing these checks on your own, contact a Dr Car Wash Location.

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